Do you have a favorite Spice Girls song? and who was your favorite Spice Girl? :)

I got your letter today. I love them and they are even more fantastic in person. So unique and awesome!!! You are simply a brilliant artist/doodler.
Thank you so much <3

Oh god, favorite song?!

I can’t possibly pick a favorite but these are on the top of my list in no particular order:

Love Thing

Mama (mostly because me and some friends performed it with our mothers at my 5th grade talent show. I was Posh! I’m hoping it never makes its way onto the internet… lol.)


The Lady Is A Vamp (I like to sing this out loud when I’m bored.)

Who Do You Think You Are (I had have my own dance routine I made up for this song.)

Spice Up Your Life (I still bust out the choreography for this song whenever I hear it.)

Say You’ll Be There (it’s my favorite video! I remember losing my mind whenever it came on MTV.)

Favorite Spice Girl?

Baby! I very recently came to this conclusion. It took me over a decade to decide. I really love Posh too. I absolutely love Victoria, I think she’s hilarious and gives off the ideal vibe of fashion and well… Posh.


Whoa, that was fast! So glad it made it out safe. Never enough thank you’s for you, my dear.

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