Wow, 2013! What’s going to be my first doodle of the year!? I’m going to need some help from you guys with this.

Alright! So last, last-last and last-last-last year I did this thing where I asked you guys what my first doodle of the year should be and the best, most fun (maybe weird) idea to me got drawn up and sent to them free of charge. Sound good?

Note: feel free to leave multiple ideas, no more than four.

Help me decide what my first doodle of ‘013 should be and you get the original free!You’ve got all day to leave me your ideas. Let’s get to it, yes?

  1. tawastman answered: an elephant travelling in a air balloon, perhaps into space or maby the antarctic?
  2. i-xviii answered: a red panda in a sailor hat, some rabbits having a tea party, iron chef masaharu morimoto with a tiara and scepter
  3. flannelfriction answered: Gandalf with a kitten beard
  4. annadoo answered: The violin monster, look him up on google!
  5. littlesnore answered: You, the doctor, and the tardis!
  6. flyforphoenix answered: I’m still voting for Wesley Crusher telling the Doctor he can fly the TARDIS. *crosses fingers for a dream come true*
  7. bootsandfire answered: Dapper cats eating a fancy dinner.
  8. ufowitch answered: A punk rock mermaid eating pizza underwater with a stingray! Or maybe a girl with antlers eating a bowl of cereal! haha… love your art!!!
  9. unlucky-strike answered: Master Chief doing whatever you want!
  10. pansiesforpower said: A bunch of fairies(or a fairy) on drugs possibly a hallucinogen
  11. petitepieuvre answered: I love your drawings based on characters, but I would love to see more original art! Just the first thing that pops in your head!
  12. -vln said: I love Lucy!
  13. milk--teeth said: What a rad idea! My ideas are…a person dressed up as a showhorse for pony play, someone in a strange fur shawl, a trapeze artist with extra limbs, and a person dressed as/inspired by moths :)
  14. kim-asterisk answered: the cast of Parks & Rec dressed up like The Avengers
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    Okay, I answered with one, now I’m reblogging with the other three: 2. 1950s housewife zombie hunters (inspired by this...
  16. moralkittens answered: Beetlejuice portraits! Barbara, Adam, Lydia, and Betelgeuse all posed together like that wonderful Harry Potter one you did a few years back.
  17. nthmetal answered: You should definitely draw some of the women from resident evil like Jill Valentine with zombies crowded behind her!
  18. deexduuh said: Definitely something freaks and geeks inspired. Maybe bill when he dresses up as the bionic woman for Halloween!
  19. czechczech said: You know the story of owl & the pussycat? Well..they’ve had a baby; draw a family portrait!
  20. horrorshock answered: I’d love to see a little drawing of Adventure Time characters in a Dr Who scene! I think you’d be perfect to do such a strange request <3
  21. ihateyou-bethcooper answered: ready-for-battle jen sounds really nice. like you just beat a dude bloody for insulting your momma.
  22. notbuying answered: a bear being caught naked at someone else’s campsite
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